Scheduled Maintenance?

I am getting "AARP Rewards is undergoing scheduled maintenance." If this was scheduled, why weren't we notified about it?  I don't believe it was scheduled, but is the result of the many technical issues encountered today.  They should not call it scheuled and just say it is undergoing maintenance.  Be a little truthful.  Just saying.  It would foster better relations with the site.

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These issues are due to either capacity (btw loading inane gif and jpg files impacts that) and/or processes.


I worked IT 20+ yrs within the 1st and 2nd largest gaming/hospitality orgs in the world (they shift positions almost annually).


As AARP is a "non-profit organization" I would suggest they consider reaching out to a global provider (e.g., Google, AWS) for hosting; a win-win for both regarding capacity and professional IT management, which would provide consistent and competent ability, unlike the current "registry entry".


I hope someone in AARP IT makes a decision to serve we members soon? This has grown beyond ridiculous.



Phil Harris, actor and showman, to John Fogerty of CCR: “If I’d known I’d live this long, I’d have taken better care of myself.”
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You should be working for AARP to remedy these ongoing issues. You seem to have it all laid out! AARP should be taking your info and making the site all better, and fixed. You are a true hero. Thanks! 


Hello everyone,

Please remember to post according to the community guidelines, and refrain from insults and inflammatory comments.


Also, please be welcoming of new posters, even when you argue with their positions.

Thank you for your cooperation in making the AARP Community a safe and welcoming place for all.


Please give us concrete examples of those misdemeanors if there are any. Thank you.

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Would you please advise what any of us posted that was disrespectful or rude?


Thank you in advance!



Phil Harris, actor and showman, to John Fogerty of CCR: “If I’d known I’d live this long, I’d have taken better care of myself.”
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I logged in around 3 am this morning and whenever I tried to enter a sweepstakes or an instant win I would get the “We need more time” BS

I waited around and checked my transaction history 2-3 times over a 30 minute time frame & never received any indication that I was even on the site. 
I figured it was going to be a waste of time hanging around so I logged out thinking I would come back this afternoon. NO SURPRISE ! ! !  They shut the site down under the veil of so called maintenance.
Cannot understand why, as no one knows anything about how to fix anything. 
Its starting to look more and more like scraping this entire program and start over with a new administrator as the best option.

just saying

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You said it! It's like this...


to the taffy pulling room (new charlie and the chocolate factory with Depp) - Copy.gif

raggedy ann and andy taffy pulling  - Copy.jpeg

And that's how taffy is made!

TAFFY - copy.jpg

i went to a taffy pull the taffy won (phyllis dillis) - Copy.gif

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