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Rewards for points

Thank you for 2 new offers with reward points. Largest state which I live only has one location with Uno, its near 400 miles away. Possibly Uber might fit but I've not used such nor a taxi server in 40 yrs. Assuming there are many others that will use these rewards for point offers. Thank you again!, Down South.

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I never knew nothing about Uno Pizza until now !!!!

Domino's pizza , Pizza Hut or little Caesars better choice ....they everywere !!!!!

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Hello @valeriov52121 

You're right, the one's you mentioned are all over my city, and just heard Domino's now has a gluten free crustSmiley Happy


Have a Blessed Day,


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Thanks to AARP for starting to offer gift cards for points only again!


Please remember that the most popular cards (from the old Daily Deals) seemed to be Amazon and Walmart.  Target and drug store, as well as gas gift cards seemed popular.  You guys should know already from prior experience and I hope you give us what we want for points only.


Thanks so much

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Andrew, short and to the point.  Thank You!!


Have a Blessed Day,


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