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Dear AARP, we like the AARP rewards program and can always redeem our limit of three rewards every month.  I’ve seen requests to increase the number of redemptions from 3 to 5 per month but understand this may not be economically feasible.  Would it be possible to add 1 extra redemption for our birthday month?  It would be a nice birthday present!

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economically feasible for who, certainly not AARP. I am not convinced these redemptions are costing AARP Rewards anything. Can we say Advertising. Just look at the offers we are presented with, most of the gift cards are for only $5. Since this new rewards program started the sweepstakes hardly ever exceeded a few hundred dollars. (July finally saw a $5000 sweeps. Great News Yea 🙂 🙂 I think as do many other members increasing our redemption quota to 5 per month is definitely within reason.

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I agree.  Many of the redemptions are not costing AARP or its contractor anything.   The $5 ones are no doubt promotional given by the vendor.    Others  are being sold for prices higher than one pays for the same amount at warehouse clubs.   In other words AARP's contractor is making money off the sales. I don't know about the others....but imagine the vendors are considering the cards advertising. Increasing the redemption numbers is appropriate given that one can earn so many points and redeem for a small amount.   Many learned the hard way that accumulating a million points does not necessarily pay off in the end.   (Not me I spent them all on the old program, but never won any big prize.)   

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Yes, that would be great. Especially, since this is my birthday month!
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