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Receiving the AARP Rewards Newsletter???

Is anyone receiving the newsletter?  And does it have a promotional code to earn extra points?
      I am subscribed to the AARP Rewards newsletter, but not receiving one.  Went on chat and they're looking into it.  Just wondering if others have seen it.

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I am not getting the AARP rewards newsletter either.
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And I had just been wondering if I should subscribe!...maybe I'll just hold off for a bit...

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Hello @chas0501 

Charles, you will get points are subscribing to the Rewards Newsletter and Webletter.  In the previous program on Tuesday & Thursday Rewards Newsletter we got a promo code.  Fridays we received a promo code in Webletter, it would be to your advantage to get these (2) subscriptionsSmiley Happy.  The promo codes in these subscriptions are worth points.

Management has stated that promo codes would start coming in mid October, it's no telling when they may pop up in your email.


Have a Blessed Day,


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Thanks Marylin!  I already get too many emails from AARP (which I signed up for to get points in R4G---and much of which I find interesting)...and others posted they were not getting points.  But now I will follow your advice.  May you live long and prosper in RewardsLand!


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Charlie, you can subscribe one day and get the points and the next day cancel the subscription, but still keep the points.  These are the only (2) that you can get promo codes from.  Get all the easy points you can, while the getting is goodSmiley LOL

I'm a Trekkie!!!!  In the words of Spock "Live Long and Prosper".


Have a Blessed Day,


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Hello @Solotreker 

I was just about to post about the Newsletter & Webletter, WOW!  No I'm not getting mine, and called Cust Serv to ask about Rewards Newsletter and Webletter.  They didn't even know what the Webletter wasSmiley LOL  I received a Case# and they are investigating. 

I'll inform the Community when I get the email response. 

I was about to post because @AARPTeri stated that we would start getting Promo codes around the middle of October.  Hello mid October, where's my promo code?


I'd also like to ask if anyone is getting these (2) promo code carrying subscriptions?


Have a Blessed Day,


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