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Re: The Enemy is the See More Button


Andrew, I can't go further back on my Transaction History than 10/11 and it's totally messed up, I don't care what device or browserSmiley Frustrated.  I get the Error message, and I'm assuming the Transaction History is being altered thus, the error.


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Hello Marylin @mi4090 


Thanks for posting about the Seymour error "There was an error processing your request. Please try again" while trying to view the transaction history.

The error pops up for me anytime I need more than 3 or 4 screens of history.  However, it has error-out in after just one or two screens.


I didn't want to post to your other topic (Transaction History Messed UP...) because I didn't want to complicate that thread because your problem with activities posting on the prior day doesn't appear to be the same type problem.  It really would be awful for me if activities posted to the wrong date, considering that I keep a close eye on my history as I complete activities.  They really need to fix that problem, however, I have not, as yet, had your problem of activities posting to another date.



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Andrew, this major problem I'm having with the Transaction History has caused me to use the same daily videos each day to actually know where I start at each day.  It still records the first 10 to 12 activities with the previous day's date.

I guess no IT employees are smart enough to figure it out. I understand about my issue being somewhat different.

@AARPTeri  PLEASE hire an outside IT firm to correct all the problems with AARP Rewards program and have them start with my Transaction History recording incorrect dates and error messages.


Have a Blessed Day,


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