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It has been over a month since I mentioned that the (Read More - Read Less) tags at the bottom of a post constantly flickers and changes back and forth without any input. It really makes it not only difficult to try and read the post to say the least but it is very aggravating and annoying. 😫 

I am using a Dell laptop while this is happening, but happens with the iPad also.

(Yes Virginia I am using the Chrome Browser) This forum is the only venue we have, to try and get this stuff fixed, but it seems most of the time no one pays attention to our concerns or suggestions. Maybe we need another Forum Heading like the Redemptions - Activities - General headings. How about something like Notes to Admin or Concerns & Suggestions. Maybe we will get heard a little better this way ????

The constant jumping and flickering that was happening in the Redeem Section with the Instant Win and Sweepstakes Icons or Badges, whatever they are called has actually improved in the last week or so (this was mentioned in an earlier post with another member (Gary, I think was his name) that was having the same problem. 

To repeat, this problem with the Read More-Read Less matter really needs to be fixed.

Just Saying 

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Community Manager

@rednexsrus   We do know that this is not easy to view with and are working towards a fix.  We agree it needs to be fixed and hope to announce that change soon!

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