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RE: The New! AARP Foundation Points Contribution Image...

Hiya. I just want to say the image used for the, 'The New! AARP Foundation Points Contribution' makes me happy, and sad. Don't get me wrong, I love this image. I just wish I could give any one of my parents, and grandparents, a great, big hug right about now. Unfortunately, they've all passed. This image made me think of them, and how much I miss them.


As they say...'Absence makes the heart grow fonder,' and I find this to be true. 🙂


chevrolet-contribution.imgcache.rev.web.300.300 Wish I could give my gram a hug sad face - Copy.jpg  ♡


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Thank you so much!  I had been using a filter and didn't see it.

That was all I needed to gladly make a donation to the Foundation.

Take care and Happy Holidays!

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Hey Andrew

Thanks Nax for letting us/ all know this wonderful news!

Andrew not sure what filter you were using but I wasn't using any...

It wasn't there b4 seems it's been updated in last few days possibly when got moved to top offers of Rewards page....which is awesome they done that & hopefully they'll continue with future offers to donate Yippee yip 

A nice gift 🎁 for all members & especially Seniors in need 🎄

Merry Christmas everyone

Ginger  :  )

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@KellytheBelly @gm5271 


Frankly, I trust the Foundation to use the money for a good purpose.

However, I want to know how much is being donated to the Foundation for each of my 4,000 point contributions.


This "discloure" is rather hollow:



Your point contribution to support AARP Foundation will result in a payment from AARP to AARP Foundation. Your point contribution is not tax-deductible."


I already know that I can donate cash directly to the Foundation.  So stating that I can donate cash directly is just a red herring.  I am interested in the point contribution.


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I took notice to that also Kelly.... very different 

I miss my mom so so much just passed 7th year she's been gone... bit easier but my life never same... my grandparents been gone since young... but also just connection that picture imparts... for myself since pandemic... connections & closeness even with family not same anymore  :  (  & I so miss it... but powerless over changes 

Thanks for sharing ♡♡

Ginger  ;  )

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Thank you for sharing, too, Ginger! ♡♡


I hope that when I'm gone, I will be missed just the same. For now, though, sometimes an image can trigger so much to provide you with a flood of memories, it's amazing. 


Have a good evening. 🙂

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I'm sorry about your grandparents.


My only issue with the Foundation Contributions is that they will not tell us how much of a contribution our 4,000 or 8,000 points per month is actually donated to the Foundation.


Early in this program they stated that they would give $5 to the Foundation. And I even though I have mentioned it several times on the forum, they have yet to tell us how much they will transfer to a very worthy cause per 4,000 point donation.


So, I no longer donate, until they post the dollar amount of the contribution.  Maybe I am not very trusting?  Yeah, that would be accurate.


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@andrewtoo @KellytheBelly 

Ditto Andrew.... my feelings still same about it... so your not alone in that feeling... if its mistrust? not certain... more like wanting validation for our commitment... it changed for a reason... therefore we changed & I'm okay with that today

Kelly maybe it should stayed bumped but new members aren't aware way it used to be.... really felt like making difference back then.... we begged for explanation never getting any answers 😞 

Take care

Ginger  ;  )

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Well, I feel the same as you do, too! My gosh, since I've become a member this has been discussed over and over again. Then, one day it was no longer being discussed. I thought maybe somewhere AARP pacified the situation, but obviously it wasn't. Hence, why I think it should be brought up again. Can't let something that causes mistrust go ignored, right? So, where the heck is that contribution going? @AARPJanelleM, can you please shed some light? 

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Thank you. 


Yes, I've been following along about the non-transparency given by AARP, maybe that will change in the very near future. I think it should be 'bumped' to keep it going on the forum, wherever those posts may be.


Even if they had used the image for something else, it still would have affected me in the same way.  🙂

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