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Problems using Safeway e-card with QR code at the store


Problems using Safeway e-card with QR code at the store

Has anyone had issues with the new QR code on a Safeway Egift card? We purchased one online through AARP in January. We've tried multiple cashiers on different days who have followed the instructions on the ecard exactly as written and it doesn't recognize the card. Have spoken with the store manager who confirms they're doing it right. Have called AARP and been told to call Safeway Corporate. Called Safeway Corporate and after numerous tests, they were unable to make it work and determined "the QR code format is bad and needs to be corrected by AARP or the AARP third party who created the QR code". Was even on a three-way call with Safeway Corporate and an AARP Customer Care representative to make sure AARP understood the problem. AARP sent a message to their "back office" relaying the issue and steps we've taken. They told us it would take 3 to 5 days for a response. The response we just received from AARP said "...QR codes are new and the store should have accepted it and followed the checker/cashier instructions provided on the Egift card. When you return to the store, if you still encounter an issue, ask to speak to a manager for assistance. If they have questions, they should contact the store's corporate office." It appears to everyone involved, except AARP, that the QR code doesn't work. Now what??

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I had a similar issue, the work around is they have a manager or someone at the customer service desk calls the phone number on the gift card to verify the amount on the card, then they give you a new gift card that's their gift card with the value on it while they do a procedure that's should be in a binder or whatever they keep most of their paperwork. I also found out one Albertson's won't take it because its owned by another company while the other one that 10 minutes away works. Maybe try that?



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