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Private Messages Limited!!

Hello Rewards Warriors,

Sent (1) private message Ok, and tried to send a second private message to different member and it was blocked.

There's nothing in rules or terms and conditions stating there's a limit.  

Anyone else having this problem?

Have a Blessed Day,




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Two private messages within 5 minutes is too many🤔?  Stopped trying and created post when 2nd message displayed error.


Have a Blessed Day


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Community Manager

@mi4090   We do not have a limit, we do however stop messages if too many are sent in a small amount of time.  This is intentional to avoid users who might misuse this tool. 


Can you confirm this may have been the case, we want to insure you weren't have any other issues.  Thank you.  cc:  @AARPJanelleM 

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Haven't noticed a problem yet ?? you sent me 6 on 2/25/22 

the number Gail1 mentioned was for "Number of private messages per page" 

mine is set to 50 ?? did not see anything there about a limit  ??

Hopefully JanelleM can explain what the deal is ??🤔 🤔

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Mine is set at 50 too - default.

But they might be counting ALL of them that aren't deleted - sent, responded and received 

who knows how long somebody might go without cleaning them out every once and awhile.


Edited to add:  Wonder how they count the PM Messenger number of "Friends" and "Ignors"?

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There is a setting for PM in "My Settings" under preferences.  See what number yours is showing and you can change it and then apply the change.

BTW - clean out any old ones you don't want to keep in all of the categories - sent, received, 


It's Always Something . . . . Roseanna Roseannadanna
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Thanks for posting this Marylin.  It sounds like you have been limited or the limit is too far too low.


I believe that at least 8 private messages would be appropriate.  Your friends can ignore them or delete them without reading them if they so choose.

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