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One-Half Million Points and Rewards Disappointing

Yep.  Today I eclipsed 500,000 points and that's cool.  But, I am looking over the  rewards to use them on...


  • There is not a single sweepstakes that I am interested in.
  • No point redemption for merchandise that is compelling.
  • No gift cards available for points only.
  • No daily instant win to enter until December. A weekly instant win available to me and I am entering it.  
  • The "experiences" are unclear and I'm not sure I would use them (I don't need a new TV.) I don't really know what these experiences are worth.
  • Previously, we had large sweepstakes for CASH.  I know what cash is worth!
  • No opportunity to donate points to the AARP Foundation.

I have much to be happy for today, however, one of those things is not AARP Rewards.


Are they listening?  Really Listening?


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Wow Andrew & Karen 500K in points

I agree with others shared here only do enough to earn few points to counter what use/lose for Daily Instant Wins cause there's nothing else I'm interested in using points for.... so no purpose to earn points & I honestly don't believe they'll ever be anymore than what is being offered now which is sad 😞 to me


Used to have to earn as many points as possible because I used them for entering 15-20 Sweeps a day & Daily Deals & etc...... yep guess I'll never get over losing Daily Deal which the Instant Win is in no way comparable 

Unless I'm missing something the only choices I see available are around 10-15 possibly along with them adding must pay with Pay Pal that was final kicker for me so I have no plans to purchase anything from Rewards 

As another stated I was rewarded $5 Amazon card from glitch other than that no luck yet 

Congrats @mi4090  Marylin on all your wins glad to see someone is winning & enjoying new Rewards 

& few enjoying earning points I commend you Andrew & Karen to think of amounts of videos you've watched & how much you've had to hit "see more" & all ads Wow I reckon I can't see worth in all that .... til they offer Donating points or something worthy of effort I'll just hang around for few moments of day with my 30Kish points with wee bit of hope something more will be offered..... will say its been enlightening & an eye opener all the time I now have to do things since no longer spending my days on R4G 

Have a beautiful day everyone 

Ginger  ;  )

PS: Whatcha thoughts about having put in phone number & get verified to use Rewards Community...I did it but think strange Any thoughts? Thanks 



🙂 Smile & the world Smiles with you 😉 Pass one on....its free
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Ginger, I have over 500,000 points also.  It's been a struggle earning them.  Problems with black information banner updating, numerous video ads and limited fixes coming from AARP RewardsSmiley Sad

Thanks so much Ginger concerning the wins. I have won a couple of Instant Wins and it's long overdue, barely won anything in R4G program.  I haven't won any Sweeps (Points Graveyard), hopefully I can win a Sweeps, didn't win any in old program.

It's a lot of work being a Beta tester.  Hopefully some major improvements will be made.


Have a Blessed Day,



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@andrewtoo   Sounds like you won a daily prize!   That's great.

You have been very patient to  get half a mil points already.   I've been out of town and away from the computer and only have 100K.   Most days I only earn enough to pay for losing the sweepstakes.  

Never have won one of those "instant win" games on any website but have wasted time on a lot of them over the years.      

There is no reward in the new program for investing your time.   The old program rewarded persistance and dedication.   Why accumulate points if there's nothing to do with them?   


I, too, have accumulated more than 500k points and have very little interest in most of what is currently being offered.  I wish one of the Community Managers would please respond to the question as to whether 'Points only gift cards' will be offered in this 'New Program'.  The answer to the question would be greatly appreciated and give me the information I am looking for as to whether it is worth my time to continue with AARP Rewards.

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Andrew absolutely CORRECT...YES YES YES!!!!

The Weekly Instant Win is unfair because these theatres are hundreds of miles from me and I've called about the TV advertisements.  Please offer some theater tickets for the Mid South.

Points Only gift cards valued at $25 please that members want😤

Definitely CASH Sweeps.....😉

Wake Up 😴


Have a Blessed Day,


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Were you the Marylin I saw on the winners' list?  Hope so!  

I think the prizes will vary.   I really wanted to win that Regal card as I take the grands to the movies...but of course didn't.   This week it's Lord and Taylor and I have no clue where the closest store it....nowhere near me.   

If those two things are the only things to try for, it's not worth our time.

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Hello @HokiePoq 

Yes I've won some daily instant wins and a weekly $50 instant win.  Thanks for your well wishes.  All I can say is it's long overdue, only won (2) $5 gift cards in (4) years with R4G.

Hope I can win more and you get the Regal gift card😊


Have a Blessed Day


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Do you have a special time of day to try for the wins?   I am wondering if it's programmed to award every (insert number here) participant or so many per hour?

All I know is that it's not working for me, usually in the mornings.  

Glad to know a real person is winning those prizes.

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Hello @HokiePoq 

Thanks so much😊

I've started keeping a log of times tried and won.

Q&A Post

Times are random, but the majority were won around 1am.  Hope you win some Instant Wins


Have a Blessed Day



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More power to you!!  If 1AM is a good time, I won't be winning anything anytime soon - I'm fast asleep by then.  I have won one daily instant win and it wasn't even instant.  I received an email about a week later saying that there had been a glitch and that I had actually won - a $5 Amazon card.

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I start earning my daily points at 11p CT, which is 12 ET.  Play the Instant Win after finished earning points.  

I want to get earning points out of the way immediately.  I won (1) Daily Instant Win at about 5a😊


Have a Blessed Day


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I give you credit for racking up points that you can't really use.  We all have to do what we feel is best.  I never have more than 27,000 points since I also have nothing to use them on.  I would rather spend my times on rewards or survey sites that either give me money or a gift card for free that I can use.


I hope that AARP starts offering some "rewards" that you can use your points on. Good luck


Very disappointed in rewards.
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