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New SSA Payment Dates ???

Having SS for 17 years, and getting paid on the 3rd, might be coming to an end.  Why has Social Security NOT informed beneficiaries directly ??  People that have their bills due on the 1st of the month in trouble ??   On numerous sites, it has stated that NEW Dates will be enacted in 2022.  Does anyone know anything about people always receiving their payments on the same dates.  Seniors need to be informed.  

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Thanks for the Info. I think SS has made it harder or confusing.  They sent Me a statement saying the 2022 payment will be made around the 3rd of the month. Then news comes about a new schedule.  If you have just straight SS retirement Benefits, Your date being the 3rd, will stay that way ?  I'm guessing the schedule change is just for SSI or Medicaid Beneficiares ?

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The schedule doesn't seem to be changed for any type benefit.  The only change would be if your own benefit changed from being part SSI and part SS to being completely SS.  That can happen.


The way it goes simpley:

  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is paid on the 1st of the month unless that is a weekend or holiday, then it is paid at the end of the previous month, on whatever date that is not a weekend or holiday. - See the calendar.
  • Those getting some combo of SSI and SS benefits are paid on the 3rd of the month - if the 3rd is a weekend or holiday, it is paid on the preceding workday.  See the calendar - example April 2022
  • For those receiving a (pure) SS benefit of some type - it is paid based on the birthdate of the beneficiary on the

2nd Wednesday of the month (birthdate 1st - 10th),

3rd Wednesday of the month (birthdate 11th - 20th),

4th Wednesday of the month (birthdate 21st - 31st)


If you have some other info as to a change from the above - let us know about it and where it came from.   There hasn't been any changes to the calendar as described above.  But sometimes individuals have a change from SS/SSI to totally SS benefit.


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Here is the SS calendar for 2022 - I don't notice any changes. - Schedule of Social Security Benefit Payments 2022 

Screen Shot below of this calendar.

However, since you mentioned the 3rd - it could be that you are switching benefit type and that makes a difference as to when the payment arrives.  

If you were receiving both Social Security and SSI (Supplemental Security Income), the amount is paid on the third of the month.  If for some reason, you are now being switched to full Social Security with no SSI, then the benefit will be credited to you based on your birthdate - see the bottom of the calendar for the date based on the day of your birthday.

If this does not give you a clearer picture of what is going on - you will have to give some more details.  


SS 2022 1.PNG

 SS 2022 2.PNG





It's Always Something . . . . Roseanna Roseannadanna
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