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Everyday AARP Rewards (or new name) puts out a health and fitness video.  I wish they would do the same for detailed ideas on managing stress. 

So far : meditation, physical fitness, getting outside, volunteering (no contact), gratitude journal, learn something new, turning off the news, connecting with friends

I do most of these daily and I'm still overwhelmed by joblessness, politics, weird lack of motivation

I'm avoiding alcohol, cooking sweets, and ranting on social media.

Still, I search for better coping skills.


When I was in a prolonged unemployment 6 or so years ago, I felt somewhat depressed, and as a result lacked motivation as well.


What worked for me was to force myself to act as if I was employed, and impose a kind of daily routine: Get up at a time I would if going to work, shower, make breakfast.


Then I created projects on a whiteboard that I could see as I entered the living room, "work" projects, if you will. Could be anything from growing a plant in tub on a window sill, to even something new you never did before. I always believed I had the thumb of death with gardens, but that year, peppers and tomatoes took over the balcony.


Nowadays, I am working my way through the Khan Academy free online education, just to refresh all my math skills. Eventually I'll go through their physics section as well. While I may never be able to put it to use at work, it gives my brain something to do.


Don't despair. As long as you have an internet connection, you have a world of free information at your finger tips to explore.

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