Meat contaminated with CO-VID 19

By now, most of us seniors are aware of the meat packing plant closures due to the CO-VID 19 positive employees, but we have NOT heard anything about recalls or what we are supposed to do to stay safe from virus tainted meats and poultry. There is no proof that the virus could or could not be passed on. 


The important thing to remember is that coronavirii (any in the family, including the common cold) are destroyed by cooking and/or by your digestive acids. They luckily don't float around in the air, unless an infected person carelessly sneezes/coughs nearby.


Washing hands and touched surfaces after handling raw foods, especially meats, is nothing new to COVID-19. You will be fine as long as you adhere to the same time-honored practice you've probably been doing for years.




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From everything I have heard, food isn't contaminated. But it may affect supply chain.  

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Perhaps this lengthy article will allay any panic that a post like this may cause for folks. Being careful is good; starting unfounded rumors is not.


Kudos to the folks at AARP who have been posting all kinds of short and clear videos to provide valuable information about the virus, like this article does.

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