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March Email "Your AARP Rewards Account Summary" is out of date

The Email sent today, March 4th, has the same point values & information as the January summary that was sent on February 11th. 



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I understand! Look for the updated email that will be sent today. 

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The AARP Rewards February Rewind that was sent yesterday (3/4) had the incorrect account activity. We apologize for the inconvenience. A corrected statement will be sent to all participants today.

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@AARPJodeeR @AARPTeri 

Hey Teri & Jodee thanks for info & getting email corrected 

My post was inquiring about Why emails include same quizzes and videos that are also chosen for Extra credit & located on main Earn page?? Why is this done? When most members have already completed extra credit deals then we receive emails including the same? Isn't it possible to put different quizzes links in our emails than those offered as extra credit that month? Thanks appreciate any help and info about this issue


Ginger  ;  )

🙂 Smile & the world Smiles with you 😉 Pass one on....its free
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Hey Teri

I sent a reply to today's Account summary email it has since gotten bounced back to me

This is what I replied: 

AARP Rewards Folks 

Just wanna say I don't understand why you include quizzes in emails that we've just done for Extra Credit... this happens all time you'll include same quizzes or videos in our weekly emails that are listed on main page or offered as extra credit & etc Crazy
System is programmed to remove badge and put check so know been done but doesn't always... today's as example first quiz no check but got no points when completed it because already done second one had check but still its crazy we waste time clicking to just check I remembered what just done but clicked anyways to confirm my recall
So either spend effort picking out quizzes and videos for emails that have not already been offered OR give us points for all items you include in email because we clicked link regardless if we've already done 
Please consider this Thanks!
Appreciate all y'all do 
Ginger M  :  )
Plus a screenshot of portion of email


Teri can you explain why these are choices make for emails? Been like this long time and really doesn't make any sense to me 

Appreciate any help in this matter and would be grateful if effort was made to avoid this happening or either reward us for reading and clicking links in email

Thanks a bunch 

Ginger :  )

🙂 Smile & the world Smiles with you 😉 Pass one on....its free
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