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Maintenace?? 3/21?

Must have missed it if this was scheduled.

Maybe more accurate is "Our site has crashed".  

Anyone know?

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Hey @HokiePoq

.... what issues are you having?🤔

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Helo everyone 🤗. I just tried to post a comment and when I tapped the reply it took me to the maintenance page. I'm seeing this on every page I go to. I can't even post a picture in my reply. I haven't used the Rewards site since February. It's worse now than before. I'm just really annoyed 😠

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Well it worked on my tablet but not my phone. I'm going to try and see if the Rewards Program works on my tablet.

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Hello everyone 🤗. Nope I'm still getting the same thing. Maintenance 

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For a time, I got the "This site is under maintenance" or such message.  Even the games.  Games are now working.  Haven't yet tried the regular site.  Maybe it was a brief period...hope so.

P.S.  Just tried the regular site.  Working.  Wierd.

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