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Love the New AARP Rewards Program

I seem to be one of few but I happen to LOVE the new AARP Rewards program.  Thanks AARP for rolling out the new program!  There are so many learning, earning, winning, and redemption opportunities than before in the old Rewards for Good program.  Sure there are still problems in this Beta version, but the savings I have earned far outweigh them.  I have saved over $600 since October (contest and point redemptions).




  • Point Value. Yes, it now takes more points to redeem gift cards but for me, it is also much easier to earn and accumulate points!  It is all relative to the amount of time spent.
  • Gift Card Vendor not in Your Area.  Give them to your relatives or friends in that area!  Better yet, donate the gift card!  An internet search identifies so many charities happy to accept your unused gift card - for example Kars4Kids.
  • Extra Credit.  OK, there are valid points about downloading the AARP app to meet one of the extra credit options, but I don't think they are making us work much harder to unlock the other redemption options.  For me, I just changed my daily routine once to watch the 6 videos to unlock the "Live where you love" extra credit program.






I am slowly starting to like the new program a little better as time goes on.  I do enjoy the information that is available while earning points. 


I was very happy to see the Lowes gift card as one of the 'extra credit' redemptions a few days ago and the Walmart gift cards for points only this morning. The only unfortunate thing is that I already made my three redemptions this month.  Oh well, hopefully they will be back again in May.



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@dw6574, @cd4482, @dg16001093, @k380494p - thanks for your feedback! We appreciate it very much and it helps us as we continue to refine the AARP Rewards. 

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Wouldn't it be great around this time that they should offer MORE chances to win daily gift cards? OR, an offer for more less expensive gift cards.??

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I'm grateful as well! Every little extra helps out each month. I'm also glad that I don't have to add the app as my phone is full.
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