Lost 118,000 points

AARP closed my account due to inactivity (we only kept the account open until we were ready to spend the pts).  Said they sent letter. Never saw it.  They said the points are lost forever, nothing they can do!


They took $1,180!

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@BruceAbr   Sorry to hear about your lost points.  Were they, by chance, from the old Rewards for Good program.  If so, the program ended last September and was replaced by the current AARP Rewards program.  Anyone who had points left in the old program had them entered into a 'last chance sweepstakes' when the program ended.


Didn't the new program also start with a six month with no activity and the account can be closed?  That was a year ago.  


I am unaware of any new program.  My card was not active since 2018 so it wouldn't surprise me to learn that I didn't receive mailings, emails, etc.  Don't know.  All I know is that I had the points in Jan 2020, went for heart surgery in Feb in Texas, got back in Florida in March, then covid hit with no traveling and the first time thinking of traveling was just now and that's when I learned the card was cancelled, points taken.  I didn't even receive an email stating the card is about to be cancelled!


I am very upset.

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You are in the new program.   It changed last fall but if you were active in Jan. 2020, your points were from the new program.

I hope you are well after your illness and again, I'm sorry this happened.

Admins, is there anything that can be done?

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@k380494p   I hadn't thought of that.   Would explain the situation.

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Hello @BruceAbr 


That is absolutely unbelievable and sad😮 


How often did you log in to check your points balance? 


Points aren't suppose to start expiring until January 2021.  Why would inactivity matter, when the points will start disappearing any way.


@sandy could you explain the new policy concerning inactivity and losing points?


Thanks for your assistance.


Have a Blessed Day




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So sorry!   I didn't know that could happen and appreciate the heads up.   

I might have gotten $75 value from that amount points in months that I have been fortunate to see points only deals while they lasted.     

Very frustrating experience for you.   This "letter" was an email I'm thinking.   It would be so easy not to see one of those in the middle of many other AARP emails we get.

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