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Locked out again!

The same thing that happened to me for two months back in November has happened again.  I go to the Rewards main page and all that will come up is the "join" page.   In spite of this, it recognizes me and has my point total at the top.

@AARPTeri  @AARPCaroline   and other!

Is it just me or are others having this experience?   (Last time it did NOT help to clear cookies, etc.)

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Either great thanks are due to our admins, or something corrected itself.  I was totally locked out with that horrible join page just like I had for two months.   After posting I went and refreshed things which made it so much worse.   Then my points had disappeared and I couldn't get into the games either.  My email was not recognized so I couldn't come back and post....or anything.  

For some reason, I can now.   Thanks to whoever fixed it!   I could not stand the idea of another lockout!