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Local Rewards: Half the Points, Double the Love!

Local Rewards: Half the Points, Double the Love!

If crossing off your to-do gift-giving lists doesn’t fill you with joy already, doing so while supporting local businesses will make you feel even better. Until December 1st we’re cutting the number of points needed to get coupons and discounts at your local shops 50%. Start redeeming now for 250 points per offer!


Check out deals near you:


Reminder Tip from Teri– Local Offer redemptions do not count toward your monthly redemption limits. Grab these deals now, save to your phone or print them out to use for your upcoming holiday shopping! Each local deal includes a unique expiration date, so plan accordingly.

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The one I got is a great deal, a BOGO at a local restaurant.   However, the time is very limited (2 weeks IIRC) so folks should be aware of that before redeeming.   If it said that, I missed seeing it before redemption.  (Edit:  I redeemed another one and yes, it did say time was limited...missed it on the restaurant one. )

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