I write to share and ask fellow AARP members who are perhaps looking for rewarding part time work to please consider lifeguarding.  Currently there's a national critical shortage of lifeguards and there are plenty of openings, ( It's a safe bet your local university or fitness facility harboring a pool would welcome lifeguards.  


There are so many benefits to working as a guard, but it does take a certain level of fitness to get certified.  The pay isn't all that great, (though that could change because the need to attract guards is great), but it's possible as an employee one can get free membership or access to a club.  


Seniors are attractive hires for summer guarding gigs as we don't go back to school mid-August and we show up to work on time.


If you want to follow up there's a Senior Lifeguard FaceBook page ( where other seniors who are currently working as lifeguards can entertain your questions. 

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