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Just Informed by Management That Complaints Posted more than Once Will Be Deleted...Tags Too!

Hello Rewards Warriors,


Now that the Private Messaging is fixed, I just received one from Management informing me that any duplicate complaints that I post will be deleted, plus I can't tag a post that isn't for the post I've madeSmiley Surprised


This is happening in all the forums on the site, why me?Smiley Surprised 


Did anyone else receive a  message informing them that they are being censored?  What happened to freedom of speech?


Hopefully, the Community will see this.


Have a Blessed Day


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Community Manager
Community Manager

@mi4090  @ralmon @andrewtoo @a170938b 


It appears there is some confusion in communications from the AARP Community Team. AARP's Online Community has long provided a safe, vibrant, open forum in which participants can discuss a wide range of topics, from the serious to the delightfully trivial.  To help guide users in the acceptable use, we often reference the AARP Online Community Guidelines.  These guidelines clarify what we do and don’t allow in the community.


As shared in the Community Guidelines, we encourage users to share information with AARP and one another.  Community Members (and the Community Management team) always want to hear feedback about how our Members are enjoying the benefits of AARP Rewards. This feedback may sometimes include criticism or concerns, and we welcome that too. However, we do ask that the criticism be constructive and in the spirt of helping us to improve. We reserve the right to lock or remove threads that devolve into ranting or venting.


Tags are keywords that are added to posts so the information is categorized for searching purposes within the AARP Online Community. Without proper tags it makes finding specific topical information more difficult.  We encourage and thank you for using relevant tags with your posts.  The use of a tag that has nothing to do with your posts defeats the purpose.  Please only use relevant tags.


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Hello @AARPTeri 


It seems that the deleting of duplicate post would have been posted in the Community as an Announcement for all members.  Thanks for the heads up.

Wouldn't that be information the entire Community needs, no disrespect.  It's a question😊


Have a Blessed Day





Maybe they just meant duplicate postings in multiple sections? That would a common practice in forums that I've frequented. It helps to keep responses together. Even in beta testing of software, attempts are made to prevent the important info from scattering into multiple reports.


I could imagine the community managers are trying to focus the information better. I know, I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt there. Hopefully it won't escalate.


Keep us posted.



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Hello @ralmon 

What if the post pertains to (2) forums, can it then be posted in both forums?  AARP Rewards placed my Rewards Email Code post in (2) forums, if they can place same post in (2) forums why not the Community?

Personally when I saw this upon the forum being split into (4) forums, I thought it should have been in Earn Activities only. 

How does that work?


Have a Blessed Day


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Hello @a170938b & @andrewtoo 

A & Andrew,

I thought the Community was for members to post their concerns about issues and problems, and ask other members about their experiences. 


Also thought it was a way of letting Management know about the issues and problems and to keep them updated on the fact that the problems still exist.


This is a sad state of affairs when paying members are restricted from posting numerous times about a problem/issueSmiley Mad


"Where's Toto?"


Have a Blessed Day


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OMG.  Problems persist!  We get lip service rather fixes...think the Transaction History debacle, for example.


I suppose if they delete repeated complaints then the problems just go away?


Well, they don't...AARP Rewards should be thankful that we keep these problems that are irritating to users at the forefront.

Trusted Contributor

How interesting! I thought a repeated complaint meant that the problem still existed. If multiple people have the same complaint, it also shows the magnitude of the problem. I wonder why AARP Rewards would think censorship is an acceptable way of quelling complaints as opposed to fixing problems or explaining why the problem cannot be fixed. Could it be a clumsy crude maybe misguided attempt to organize the forum? I certainly would like to hear AARP Rewards Community managers' thoughts on this subject. I do thank them in advance.

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