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Is It Possible To Change The 'New!' Color For 'Points Only E-Gift Cards?'

I am referring to the 'New!" at the top of sweepstakes and points only e-gift cards, they are the same, they are both white. Red is being used for Instant Wins, so I thought that maybe another color key could be used for e-gift cards, and perhaps a different background. Thanks for listening! 🙂


is it possible for there to be a new color key like instant wins to distinguish redeems for points vs sweepstakes 08082022.png

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Pass this on, please...


Hello, and 'Thank you' for the changes! I really do appreciate this! 😌


AARP 08112022 removes New from sweepstakes and old redemptions for points COOL THANK YOU.png

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Hi Kelly 🔆

....does this mean someone actually listened to us? 📢 🤔


Take care ☮️~Allen 🌈

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I think so! 😉 G'night.

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Hi Kelly!    @KellytheBelly  💐

I agree on needing improvements..... also I think that “NEW” items should be time limited....say for this week....otherwise in your picture....almost everything is “new”  & it stays that way for too long.... so that actual new items from the last day or so get buried with the rest! 😕 so many of us have been saying all year....put those E-Greeting Cards .... that are NOT “rewards” ☹️

....& that are unlimited & free online...either need to be put in some other category... or on their own page...& should NOT cost ANY points!‼️


Juss sayin! 😺

Take care ☮️ ~Allen 🌈

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Yeah, even with 'New!' items if they had a different 'New!' color as default, or a different background by default, there'd be less adding and removing, I guess. It's funny about the e-cards because many of us complained about the Mother's Day and the excess of 'other' cards (erhm), that AARP decided to move all of the e-cards to the very top, so now you have to scroll your way to the bottom to redeem the good stuff. Is there any reason we, the members, should be punished? Life, outside of AARP, is bad enough! Thanks for your support. Take care. 😉 

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Hi 😃 @ KellyS503189 🌹

I agree it seems that the members shouldn’t be punished for ANY reason...isn’t the point to find as many ways possible to REWARD US?

Whoever is running this program doesn’t seem to realize many of us are suffering and may be struggling just to this program is supposed to help make us feel better, ...

at least I thought that was the original a few years ago....when we had auctions & prizes.... like $50 VISA gift cards & $100 Walmart gift cards 🔆 💲🎁 🎀 ...something we can use immediately! For help defray the ever increasing prices for basic goods!

Anyway...that’s all the time I have for tonight....

Take care ☮️

~Allen 🌈

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