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Instant Win Games

I am interested to know if anyone has ever won one of the instant win sweepstakes here?  I have tried for God knows how long and have never won.  Just wondering if anyone ever really wins...anyone?

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@Bruizer8   I, too, have won a few times, but like Ginger, not since the change to leaving them up a week.  Makes one's chance of winning a lot slimmer,  but glad to see that @andrewtoo won in spite of the odds.  By all means, use those expiring points any way you can.    Local deals are a possible use, too.   I was excited to get $7 off at a local restaurant recently

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I just won an Instant Win for a $10 Kohl's Gift Card at 9:30pm tonight!  An Amazon or Walmart or Kroger card would have been better, but, I still won an another Instant Win after hundreds of entries.

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I suppose, or at least would like to think that one day's winning has nothing to do with future attempts, but I'm always less than enthused playing for one instant win when there's another I'd prefer, either that day, or will be, especially since the volume and quality has picked up. 


Course I've only won a whopping 2 instant wins, and those were eons ago.  So I relate to your winning Kohl's, but preferring others, and hope it indeed has no effects on future clicks.  Even if you go winless for an eternity, we still won't know if winning this one was related, but it's hard to believe that it would.  Hope you win multiple times in a row.

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Hi there

Yes I've won a couple of Instant Win Prizes b4 they changed way now works 

Used to be 100 winners Per Day randomly won NOW its 100 prizes over 7 days reducing the chances of winning greatly 

There are many threads of posts about Instant Wins check them out for more info

A member,Lucy  @rednexsrus

 just posted a pic of her recent win on a thread in Redemption Forum (screenshot of her post below

Go there you'll see its possible to win... Also you can read her details about odds of winning which I've also posted about on threads when they made the change from Daily Win to 7 days

For me there is no set time I've found best to try its a random chance throughout the offer 

Good luck hope this helps

Ginger ;  )Screenshot_20201204-130441_Samsung Internet.jpg

@Bruizer8 wrote:

I am interested to know if anyone has ever won one of the instant win sweepstakes here?  I have tried for God knows how long and have never won.  Just wondering if anyone ever really wins...anyone?


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Thanks Ginger, good to know!!  I'll keep trying; have to use up all my points that will be expiring, may as well keep trying every day.  Brenda

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We earn points to use em.... Good Luck 

I fortunately haven't ever racked up millions of points in this program as did in previous Rewards program & with donating 4K or 8K points monthly & trying win something here and there I've used up my accumulated points so none to expire 


So enjoy try and win til used yours and may you be blessed with a win of something

Have a beautiful blessed Christmas holiday season

Ginger  ;  )

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Indeed!  You also have a very Merry Christmas!  I must say, in my neighborhood I am seeing more Christmas lights up than ever before, and that is awesome!

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