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Information from AARP Management via Private Message is Inaccurate

Hello General Community,

I just received an email from




He/she stated that all the proof I'd posted on receiving an incorrect email from AARPTeri was deleted/edited out of my post "AARP Is UNFAIR with Wins..Why?.  For these that saw it before it was deleted, it was evident I that was asked (2) times on 12/9/19 and 12/12 to forward the "Reward yourself today" (Lord & Taylor) email of win to and Teri emailed back on 12/9 to say the email wasn't correct, then I was sent an email on 12/12 to contact AARP at, which she'd already emailed me on 12/9 to say the email was incorrect. 


AARP  doesn't want me to post about their failure to provide me with the promised replacement for the Lord & Taylor Weekly Instant Win that wasn't valid.  Information for Savings on black information banner is incorrect because I have yet to receive what was promised.


This seems like a huge coverup on the part of AARP Rewards and a attempt to silence me concerning the Lord & Taylor replacement.


@AARPTeri  and @sandy the issue has been escalated (3) times and claims that I was sent the email with the replacement that was never received.  Then I was told that my Inbox was full, which is maintained on a daily basis and also told that the email was undeliverable.  The wrong email address must have been entered is my thinking. I received over 30 emails a day from various AARP address via my primary email address and no one has notified me that they are being kicked back. I've sent my profile AARP email and the alternate email.


Could you please attempt to send the email using both email addresses?


It's sad that everything else is making it to my Inbox but this.


Thanks for responding Management and any help. I'm the only person on my original post about the problem with the Lord & Taylor gift card who hasn't received a replacement. Everyone makes mistakes.




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@mi4090 We are resending the replacement gift card email today to the alternate email that you provided yesterday. You will see it in your email inbox shortly. 

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