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I think my spam filter is blocking emails from AARP Rewards.

What address should I enter in my spam filter to whitelist emails from AARP Rewards?

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@Howdigit65 To stop your provider from blocking or sending emails to a Spam or Junk folder, add our Rewards redemption emails to your email address book: and


If you'd like to adjust which email newsletters you receive, I invite you to check out this helpful article for more details: 

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For most AARP emails...

If you can enter domain --->


For some  Redeem for Gift Cards  ---->

(This seems to be an older domain that is phasing out; but may be recycled by AARP in the future. 🤔 ; otherwise    are the principles to keep) 


Almost forgot that if you 'win an Instant Win or Sweepstakes' it is run from an outside third party = different email domain. I checked my winning emails and it is different. So you should also enter:       for Instant Winners            for Sweepstakes Winners



I usually get mine in the 'junk'/ spam mail box- which is my general pseudo-inbox. I never white listed AARP; but still get all the emails I should get from them; Daily, Weekly Web Letters, Instant Wins/ Sweeps, notifications, etc. All works out well.


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