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How long will you use AARP Rewards? How long will you be a member of AARP?

Upon pondering these questions, I was reminded of a manager at a place I worked.

The market for our product was taking a larger dip than our usual seasonal fluctuation, so our department was seeing major layoffs.

He gave us the rah-rah speech of things would certainly turn around. And if they went South all the way, he'd be the one turning off the lights at the last.

When he left the company without announcing it to the general population just a few weeks later, some of us went around wondering if it was all over, since he claimed he would be the last one out the door.

That brings us to the questions.


AARP Rewards:

Some have evidently abandoned AARP Rewards already. I plan to keep watching until I can find nothing further of interest, which doesn't seem to be in the near future. A points-only gift card comes up once in a while and I sometimes see a larger sweepstakes of interest. A discounted gift card once in a while is also not out of the question.


AARP membership:

Regardless of how things turn out with AARP Rewards or its successor, if any, I plan to be a member of AARP until I no longer have the mental or physical capacity to renew my membership.



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@Brightpool Agree with you on membership. The purpose is to help seniors, not the Rewards Program. I do enjoy it and have done better recently. It started out as a dud for me and got worse when I was locked out. In the past couple of months I have gotten some points only deals and actually a couple of the daily freebies. I never had a huge amount of points on the old program although I earned all I could. I spent them on the instant auctions mostly and eventually spent out every point. This is a beta version and I agree it is not at this time any reason to hoard points to win a big auction or something. I am going to continue to earn and spend all I can as long as the current format lasts.....or until I can travel again and go off the grid. I did download the App but haven't figured out how to use it yet.

I keep thinking that someday in the future they might offer a toaster or something for a million or two million points, and I won't have enough because I stopped earning them.  I'm not joking about the toaster.  Right about now that would exceed my expectations.  At least it is something that I could use.

Back in the mid 80's I was in England and happened to catch their version of a game show in the US that routinely gave away a car.  The England version gave away a toaster and the contestant went nuts over it.  I never forgot that.

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Hey Lynn

Interesting topic & inquiry 

I check in on Rewards Community from time to time....I miss 😞 way things used to be.....4 Rewards Forums are a bummer 🤯


I check Rewards site everyday to see what Daily Instant Win is most times no interest so leave site

No longer work to earn points.... reason being I've not found anything to use them on so why build up when already aware they can be taken away/ wasted if program changes

I usually do Weekly news Quiz & ones highlighted in emails and always do the Promo codes in emails & earn enough to donate points plus enter an occasional sweepstakes. Was nice when they removed limits on Daily wins which gives me a tingle of hope for more positive changes


Same feelings as you  I'll always be a member of AARP the disappointment of the new Rewards program won't ever change my interest in being a member of AARP.... since I've always felt the Rewards program is a bonus blessing therefore not an expectation of AARP to me


I was excited when they brought Daily 2 hour Deal to Rewards but saving a $1 or 2 or 5 not worth buying (note: don't see them all) don't reckon ever be way was?? 


I hope others enjoy the new program & find it rewarding & interesting 

As it is with life... full of changes and disappointments... Life goes on 

Its indeed been a lot of changes and 1st felt sad by losses but also I've gained back the time used to devote to program plus my pocketbook no longer spends all the $$ used to for daily deals therefore in time I've adjusted to the changes 

& will forever be grateful for all it enriched my life.... do miss our connections & will always feel blessed by knowing all met here Thanks


Have a beautiful week everyone 

Ginger  :  ) 

[Still here just quieter] 


I believe I am on the same page as you.  Except for the amount of points I have anyway. While on a two week cruise, I was unable to download videos, and I quickly ran out of quizzes. Plus I have Bought a couple points only cards, which are few and far between.  


I find myself no longer interested in $100 Carnival eCards.  If I weren't retired, I would probably lose all interest in AARP Rewards.  The "other" source of cards, which still uses Deluxe to distribute them is enough to get Carnival Cards, as long as they can keep them in stock.


Considering what we have been through together, for AARP to lose our loyalty says alot about how bad they are screwing up.

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@Brightpool Thanks for sticking with us and giving AARP so much support, we appreciate it! The best is yet to come! 

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