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How I am staying active....

I did not know where to type this, so I saw this spot and used it.


I have been trying to get out and walk since I have been in my apartment since January because of  another new  health problem and have noticed that my walking was getting a little unsteady.  Walking gets one out in God's beautiful nature.  (even in Michigan)   I will do it daily now to allow me to walk again without a walker.

I also crochet afghans for a homless shelter.  I am on my 6th. one and my goal is 50 by mid November  .I use leftover yarn, so they are of many colors.  I wasn't sure about that, but if it helps to keep one warm, I doubt they will care.  I am always asking friends to ask theirs, if they have any yarn they no longer want.   I LOVE doing this and while crocheting I pray for the homeless and that works both ways...for them and me.  So it works well for them as well as me.


Thank you for allowing me to explain how I spend my time.  I also do Diamond Dotz whenever this wonderful neighbor buys me one.  It too is very relaxing.


Have a Great day and God Bless all of you!

Karen Arceo    

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