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Happened again today “Sorry no points this time"

Happened again today “Sorry no points this time"

This time on only 1 video

This is an ongoing issue not being addressed by admins &/or tech support

See my last post


“Sorry no points this time" Stretch Your Shoulders with Denise Austin“Sorry no points this time" Stretch Your Shoulders with Denise Austin



I had to rewatch it to get my earned points!I had to rewatch it to get my earned points!



Take care ~Allen 🌈

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This not only happens with the videos, it is a problem with the games and the quizzes also.  When the "sorry no points" comes up sometimes points are actually given other times they are not.  Wish this problem would be fixed soon.

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@Therapist4u  I did check your totals for yesterday, May 26 and I calculated that you reached the max of 7500 points for that day. I can check for other days if you'd like. Thanks!  Jodee R.  

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Hi @AARPJodeeR  💐

You said that you calculated I reached the max of 7500 points for that day. Yes! ....I do that almost every day that I can. Occasionally after a “Sorry no points this time" does show in my transaction history. So I know that regardless of what it says...I did earn the points!


 But my point is that I’m getting no points for watching 1 or more videos on some days. The reason I’ve reached 7500 points is because when that “Sorry no points this time" happens..... I’ve had to rewatch the same videos again to earn what I should have with only 1 viewing...once is boring enough! 😉 Ha!

And it doesn't show in my transaction history until the 2nd viewing.

I’ve made several posts about the same thing lately.... so I’m glad someone finally reached out to me.

I’ll call that Rewards Specialist # next week...after the holidays. Thanks Jodee

Take care ~Allen 🌈

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Thanks for your long time loyalty! You may not be receiving additional points if you've maxed out on your daily point limit. Members can earn up to 7,500 points daily - Non-members can earn up to 5,000 points daily.
Badges on activities will be grayed out if you've reached your limit. You can get back to earning points tomorrow at 12:01 a.m. ET.
If you're still not seeing your hard-earned points, we want to know. To contact us, you can chat with us online using the CHAT icon on the right or call a dedicated Rewards Specialist at 1-866-451-6305, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. - 8 p.m. ET. Thanks!  Jodee R. 



Could you have missed the point?

The message of no point comes up all the time, sometimes every 2 to 3 videos. Sometimes points are given, sometimes they are not.

For instance today, one of my viewings gave no points after giving the message No point; I viewed the video again and finally got the points. So were you to review my account you would find no point missing and the maximum reached.

It is rare that AARP addresses any problem, so I should be grateful for any answer; but I am not because I find your answer incredibly patronizing and emblematic of the shoddy customer service given by AARP.

Please contact your IT team and tell us of the problems that plague the website.

An answer to my mesage showing me that you grasp the problem and are doing something about it would be most appreciated.

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Hi  @a170938b 🙂

Thank you kindly for your response!

I appreciate what you wrote!

You make many good points,.....


BTW.....I just replied to Jodee

 so I hope that this issue is clarified....

& that it gets resolved!

Thanks again

 Take care ~Allen 🌈



Thank you!

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It has been happening to me for months now.  Says no points, but actually does give points.  Also the codes from the web letter say a problem occurred and to try again, but when you enter for a second time it says the code was already used.  Checking activities says the points were given, but the total points did not add any points.

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@dv2286 Which newsletter code said it was already used? Sometimes the point balance can be delayed a bit before updating. Did yours update?  

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The Prome Code. It always say someting like the code is wrong and try again; if you try again it says it has been already used; but points are given.

If one is over the limit, it will first say the code is wrong and try again; if you try again it will tell you you are over the limit.

Now you can detail this to the IT team. Thank you.


Same here. It's is very negative website! Toddler-like maybe, with no as a first word....

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Hi  @a170938b

"....toddler-like maybe, with no as a first word...." 👶 🍼


hahahaa good one! 😁


Take care ~Allen 🌈

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