Community Postings Not Always in Chronological Order

After the 2020 refresh of the AARP Community forum, I am having difficulty navigating through to read the posts.  The postings are not always in chronological order,  and the more recent posts are sometimes mixed in with posts that are older or in the past.  It is taking much too long to read if a post is in reply to an older one or to find the more recent one. Very hard sometimes to follow the conversation of the original topic.


In the past, I was able to receive Community alerts through email, however, after an unsuccessful "fix" when they went to SPAM, I am no longer getting any Community emails.  The more enhancements made leads to new issues created.


I'm hoping AARP can reverse back to the original format as it was much easier  to navigate through the forum.  JMHO


With all the complaints about the program as a whole in recent months, why would they want to make it easier to read posts?  They don't seem to care.

Social Butterfly

Thanks JoLo

DITTO!  Same here 😞 

Ginger  ;  )

🙂 Smile & the world Smiles with you 😉 Pass one on....its free
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