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Community Emails Go To Spam Now



A couple of weeks ago or so all of the email notices from the online community have almost all gone to my SPAM folder.  The email address of origin is:  I have been getting these email notices for years without a problem.


My regular AARP newsletters, such as the Webletter, The Daily and the Rewards emails are coming through to my "new mail" folder as usual.


Community email notices come when someone posts to a topic I have posted to myself, or if my online name is mentioned or if I receive Kudos (thanks for those by the way) all coming from the same email address:


It is really a bore to sort out the emails sent to my spam that are from the community.  I don't know what changed, however, I have added the email address to my contacts and I don't have a "white list" offered on my email service, just a "black list" of sorts.


Anybody else having a problem like this?



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It seems coincidental there are multiple of us experiencing the Community emails going to Spam at the same time.  Hopefully, adding  AARP Community  to safe sender will fix the issue.


Can you also check into why the Black Dashboard and Transaction History is still not working?  It worked for a short time on June 26, 2020, but by end of day it went back down again.


Thanks for all your help!



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Thanks Andrew for making a thread about this. I'm curious to know if others are having same issue

My normal newsletters and Rewards newsletters are doing as always.... just all the community ones   going to Spam. Mine are coming from same email address you listed and I saved it in my contacts just as you didn't help



Thanks Teri for your reply and checking it out for us 

I'm still not able see the promo box 😞 


Have a marvelous week

Ginger : ) 

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