Comfort level with Rewards so far. Suggestions

I am sure everyone has something that is giving them a feeling that things could be better.


In general, one thing that bothers me is not seeing how many entries I have in any given sweepstakes.  When I enter, each time it tells me I have 5 entires, but no indication of the total. I would feel more comfortable knowing that the entires I have been making are adding up.


Is there something that would make you feel better?  


If someone identifies something you agree with just click on Kudos.  That way the thread won't fill up needlessly, and the people with the power to make changes can see the suggestions without digging for them. EDIT TO ADD: Please try to keep it at one issue per post, so kudos are directed to the proper issue.

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I would like to see all the redemption options at once when I click All Rewards under Redeem. As it is, we must click See More several times to see the next eight items, over and over, until we reach the end. When I click anything that includes the word All, I expect to see all, not a button that says See More.


If the programmers must have an option to load only eight items at a time, but I can't think of any good excuse for it, then add an option to load only eight at a time (for example, Show 8 Rewards at a Time) and still make the All Rewards option just list them all at once.



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Lynn maybe someone doesn't know the difference between All and See More.


Have a Blessed Day


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I would really like the monthly limits on daily and weekly instant wins to be revised.  I think that we should be able to win the daily instant win every day and we should be able to win the weekly instant win each time there is a new prize (basically once a week on a weekly offering).


The limit of one daily and one weekly instant win per month is too much of a restriction.  In my view, the instant win limit has a two pronged effect:


  • On one hand, the limit of one win per month keeps me from entering the daily instant win every day because I hope that something better will come up later in the month. 
  • Secondly, after getting lucky on an instant win, then I feel like my daily visit is more dull.


It is the same for the weekly instant win, but, just the prize doesn't change as often.  I have only won a single instant win for a $5 Amazon card on November 7th.  Most days I don't enter, because I have to wait for a better prize.


Thanks so much,

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I would like to see a search function added to Filter By under Earn that would let us choose Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Yearly, so we wouldn't have to keep clicking on See More through lists of all activities just to find one of interest here and there.


Maybe we could see a list on a single page of links shown in each of these categories.


In fact, I'd like to see a search option that would just show items for which we haven't earned points, yet, and are active, ready to give us points for completing the activities. That way, when the activities are offered at longer intervals, we'd be less likely to miss one or several, as we might be now with having to click See More every eight items listed alphabetically. That might be asking too much. I don't know.



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I would certainly feel more comfortable if all the parts worked the way they are evidently supposed to work. It would be nice if the tally counters would keep up. Right now, some of them don't work at all, as most of us know.


In some ways, I don't mind being a beta tester, because I've done that quite a bit in my career as a side activity of my documenting software and it has become a habit to break things and report them or to find things already broken and report those.



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I am enjoying the new rewards program and have no complaints.  There were a few times my daily visit points were not added, however, the wonderful support staff corrected the issue promptly.  A handful of times I didn't earn reward points doing an activity, however, I feel I still benefitted doing the activity and gained knowledge without getting the points.  I visit the site daily, however,   I don't have the time in my very busy day to earn the maximum number of daily points that some members are earning.  I am enjoying watching the fitness videos to keep healthy and stay in shape and taking some of the quizzes.  I consider getting  the reward points an added bonus to the program. I don't really understand why there are some members complaining so much about the purchase value of the reward points because AARP has so much to offer besides earning reward points.  I have enjoyed receiving the AARP magazines and newsletters,  going to  AARP sponsored prescreened movies, and taking classes that are offered in my local area.  I consider those perks have been worth the monies I  have paid for my membership.


I haven't won any of the weekly deals yet, but still having fun using my points playing the games.  I noticed a few members winning the daily and weekly deals already multiple of times, so those members should feel blessed to be so lucky to win.  I am glad that we have the AARP Reward program and look forward to see what AARP will offer in the upcoming new year!


I still don't know why I am acquiring the maximum of points each day as there is no place to really use them. I would like AARP to bring back the auctions as well as the daily deal.


It is hard to move up in point sometime I feel like it has a lost cause but I keep on trying I feel like AARP is a great reward for me especially for a person with intellectual disabilities

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Russell, I'm bothered with gift cards of value not being valid and the 1st serious problem of the new AARP Rewards program with Carnival gift cards with missing PINS and now the Lord & Taylor Weekly Instant Win card isn't valid.  Major issue and problem with valuable purchases and Instant Wins.

Also, the black banner with missing or no information, and Transaction History error message.  Not comfortable with any of the (3) issues mentioned.


Have a Blessed Day


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