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CVS GiftCard Daily Deal 11/26/20

Unbelievable! I had the CVS card in my cart went to checkout and received an error that the CVS card was sold out. It sold out in 1 minute. How can that be when I had it in my cart. What good is a daily deal if it's only good for the quickest. Very disappointing. 

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Hey Gem,

I believe this is the post that you saw some time ago about limits on purchase, redemptions and so forth. 



The link above doesn't specifically read that the Daily Deals were not counted as part of the limit for points-only purchases.  However, I have clicked on a points-only daily deal once or twice and it gave me the message that I had already reached my limit of 3 redemptions.  That has been my experience and understanding, however, I hope that I am wrong and we can purchase unlimited Daily Deals when they are points-only.


I haven't won a Daily Instant Win for a while, but, they do not count against the limit of 3 points-only redemptions.


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Hey Andrew

Thanks for link no clue how do that thanks

I didn't say 'points only' Daily Deals are unlimited or even 5.... points only would count as part of monthly 3 limit which why you got that message

I was telling Hokie the limit is 5 for Purchases of Gift cards as I did today's Daily Deal paid $12 for $25 card you can only get 1 Daily Deal but could get 5 different ones when purchase is involved 

Sorry if created confusion

Also there is no limit on how many Instant Wins you can win early on was but been unlimited for while now

Take care

Ginger ;  )

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All of the following statements we are receiving from management is a load of garbage !! 😡

getting the item into the cart doesn't guarantee that you will be able to purchase or redeem.
20 minutes to finalize your purchase once it was in the cart.
if you encounter an error during checkout
These are just lame excuses for an administrator Merkle Inc.aka HelloWorld that that has no business being in charge of a rewards program. Not only do they have no idea what they are doing, they certainly do not have the interest of the AARP members. There is no reason to run this program so shoddy. This program was doomed from the start. So Sad
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@AJF2K1   That is odd.  I saw this one when it came on but had already done three this month.  I saw it again about twenty minutes later and it said, "Only a few left".    Did it say that when it went in your cart?   It shouldn't go in someone's cart and then not go through.   I'd be disappointed too.  Did not realize the same time as allowed on the old program does not apply here.  Here's hoping you get a better deal before the end of the month.   The one today was sold out so quickly I never saw it available and I check most every hour.

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Hey Hokie

I've not done much with Daily Deals in this Rewards program but since been some good deals lately been watching see what offering.... So FYI after reading your post I wanted to let you know you can purchase 5 gift cards per month not 3 as you wrote had your limit already...Now this is purchase not free with points that's only 3 per month (see  screenshot)

Also only 1 Daily Deal per person per day... so you could've gotten you one if desired

Felt let you know 

Enjoy your day! 

Ginger  ;  )

Screenshot_20201202-131922_Samsung Internet.jpg


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@gm5271   So the daily deal, if it's not just for points, doesn't count as part of the three?   Thanks for letting me know this.    I hadn't been looking because I thought they did.   

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Hey Hokie it can certainly be confusing 🤯🙃

As I recall rules used be could only purchase 3 Gift Cards per month but changed that to 5 around August... Andrew

@andrewtoo & Robert (think name- guy likes Cruise cards) would be able to confirm Also I have a printout of Teri's post in August "Redemption Limits Update" which provides all limits to wins & etc you might could find in search ?¿? 

But yes as I understand from rules

Monthly limits: 

5 gift card purchases

3 gift cards for points only

1 Sweepstakes win 

Daily Instant wins-Unlimited 


I've not gotten any of Daily Deals offered this week for 50+% off but tomorrow's $25 Bath Body Works card for $12 might be worth trying see if can get to give as gift

Good luck

Stay safe 

Ginger :  )

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AARP customer service rep. told me that getting an item into the cart does not guarantee you will be able to redeem or purchase the item.  It's the luck of the draw to complete the transaction on a first come first served. For the more popular items, there's a lot of people trying to purchase or redeem points and complete their transaction.  If you encounter an error during checkout, then the item is sold out!

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In Rewards for Good, you had 20 minutes to finalize your purchase once it was in the cart. That prevented others to steal it during the purchasing process. AARP rewards should implement a similar lag time, maybe a shorter one as the Dealy Deal window is only 2 hours instead of 24 hours in the old and extremely superior program.

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Even though 20 minutes was given to finalize a daily deal in R4G, I lost several daily deals that were in my cart because I couldn't complete the transaction within the 20 minutes allowed.  The website couldn't handle all of the transactions that were trying to complete at checkout.  It's the luck of the draw if you can get the transaction completed.  I was told by AARP customer service that getting the item into the cart doesn't guarantee that you will be able to purchase or redeem.

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