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Best and Worst Ads

I see countless ads on the AARP site everyday.  I confess a lot of them are on the games I play but the same ads are on both the earn activities and the games.  

Some ads I deem effective and not annoying.  Others make me want NOT to buy the product.

For example:   In the past Viking had river cruise ads on the site.  They were so beautiful it actually inspired me to book one and then another of these trips.  An effective ad and enjoyable to watch.

It didn't require "skip ad".  Effective ads don't.  They get their message across in limited seconds.

And the worst I can recall:  The Marcus ad we are subjected to.  Not only will I not listen to it, I have to turn my head.  I'm no prude but really don't want to look at a shirtless unattractive man over and over again.  And that one seems to play constantly.  I can't say if Marcus is a good financial product.  I won't even look or listen to that annoying ad.

Anyone else have a favorite or hated ad?  We should all be experts at them, there are so many.

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The three minute and 30 second ads for lowes home safety items are too long. I skip them, but why are they ads? 
lisa, who found a job as a home healthcare worker is a touching story, but the add runs way too many times.  

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Any ad that lasts more than 20 seconds. If they cannot get their message in such a time frame, the message is not worth listening to. 

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I, myself, don't want to see any ads. I installed AdBlocker Plus for free to my browser and it rids me of all ads on AARP's website. It believe that subjecting its members to ads is an indication of how commercial AARP has become versus its original intent.

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Occasional ads are okay but if you’re playing the same game repeatedly in one sitting,  the ad becomes quite annoying.

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The ad for cleaning body areas ...I can't recall the name as it's repulsive to view...

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Thank goodness they haven't started advertising LUME: yet anyway !

for stinky body parts 

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Ha ha I’m no prude but I don’t want to see ads for “down there”  on AARP or anywhere else

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I just saw an ad on national television for a new VENUS disposal razor. It is for "down there" and is titled VENUS PUBIC HAIR AND SKIN RAZOR. To me, that is one step too far in the specialized product department as far as how to title a product.

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This one seems a prime example of how the pathologically antisocial sickness that pervades human cultures has distorted priorities in general.  The human race is cooking itself alive with climate change, but a thinly disguised appeal to individual vanity is used to present a highly specialized razor is as an important consideration for personal grooming.


...Calls to mind the old adage that a frog on a hotplate will let itself be cooked alive if the heat is increased slowly enough.

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