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Are you the next AARP Benefits Badass? (CONTEST)

Maybe this will be of interest to someone? 🙂


RE: AARP Benefits Badass Contest (Info here): AARP Benefits Badass Contest 


Do you think you have what it takes? Apply Now!


Do you have what it takes?

We're looking for our AARP Benefits Badass to help us show the world all you can do with a membership to AARP. Oh, and it comes with one badass prize - $50,000. Anyone can apply for this badass opportunity. It's a badass contest with a badass prize. Can you seize the day - and the savings - to win the competition?


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Grumpy Cat says.....

AARP don’t kno nuttin bout Badass!

Grumpy Cat says.....AARP don’t kno nuttin bout Badass!Grumpy Cat says.....AARP don’t kno nuttin bout Badass!


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Benefits Bad-"Everybody Has One" award?

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Hey, I thought I just had to finish my vegetables.


I believe my Mom doesn't really like the Benefits Badass honor it would not be used in polite company. Some of the aging part of our membership may not appreciate reading badass all the time as they use the site.  Maybe AARP thinks it sounds cool?  With that said, maybe last place could be, I don't know, a Benefits AssHat?


Regardless, you should eat your veggies before the two pudding cups.


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Denise can’t stop laughing!....

a Benefits AssHat!


Denise can’t stop laughing!Denise can’t stop laughing!


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Thank you for your thoughtful suggestions, Gary...However, that $50 grand might be a little too much money for the 12 or 13 year old IT staff who maintain the online Rewards Program (obviously working via TikTok from their middle school classrooms) as well as take weekends and every holiday off.


Also, the $50,000 could alternatively be used for something useful like lobbying Congress for a national minimum size of pudding cups.  I swear they are getting smaller and I find that I am eating two of them (😲) to meet my needs


In addition, It solves the larger problem of prescription drug costs because if I have to only eat one pudding cup at a time then I will have more money to give to the Governmental/Pharmaceutical complex. 💰💰💰!!!


A crude depiction of the Pudding Cup Fiasco follows!


Pudding Cup :)Pudding Cup 🙂Smaller Pudding Cup :-(Smaller Pudding Cup 😞



Thanks again!

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Hey   @Andrew


You tell em Andrew!‼️

They also need to realize that.....


If you don't eat your meat, you can't have any pudding!🍮

How can you have any pudding if you don't eat your meat?🤔🙄🙃



Take care ☮️~Allen 🌈



Instead of launching lame-ass promotions like this that only really benefit ONE WINNER, how about if AARP spends the $50K (and more) to hire an all-new badass IT team to whip the Rewards Program into a properly functioning entity that would educate and entertain and benefit untold thousands of MEMBERS (over 50) on a sustainable basis over the long term.


Now THAT would really be BADASS !!

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