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Are you new here?

Over the past few months, I've seen many posts about the transition to the new AARP Rewards program. As part of that, I've seen comments about many things that compare to the RfG we used to have, some favorable and some not so much.


This morning, the thought came to me that I'd like to see how a newbie would respond to the activities. The new person would have a fresh view of AARP Rewards without having anything previous from AARP to compare. Sure, the new person would likely have other Web sites and their activities for comparison, but not the AARP history.


Are you new here? Did you join AARP recently? Did you start using AARP Rewards after its launch in late September without having known AARP Rewards for Good?


Please tell us a bit about your experience with AARP Rewards. What would you list for pros and cons and any other comments?




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I have a question since I am relatively new. I have seen people mention a wish for Gift Cards for Points offered like we saw at the beginning of this new Program. Did the Old R4G Program have Gift Cards redeemable with just points? Thanks 🙂

Suzy Q
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Hi, SuzyQ.
RfG had Daily Deals at 1 p.m., mt (3 p.m., et). The Daily Deal almost always had merchandise or a gift card for percentage discount with points making up the difference at 1¢ credit per point (no cash value, just the math). Sometimes, the Daily Deal featured a $5 gift card that could be had just for 500 points with free shipping. For a $10 gift card, it was $5 cash plus 59¢ shipping plus 500 points to make up for the $5 discount on the $10 card.

Also, the Daily Deal was a certain number of items in undisclosed amounts in the supply of items, which were available at exactly 3:00:01 p.m., et, until the supply was exhausted. On $5 and $10 gift cards, exhaustion seemingly occurred almost always on those items at 3:00:02 p.m. Other, less popular items sometimes went on for hours before they were exhausted.

Now, in AARP Rewards, when you commit your points to a daily deal, your points go bye-bye no matter what, and if your timing is spot on with their random time (or times if they have more than one of the day's item up for grabs?) during the day for an item, you get the item.


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Yes @TheSuzyQ  we had daily deals with frequent $5 gift cards available for points only.

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