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All I Want for Christmas is

Access to RFG!   Still nothing.  I can't even sign up for the newsletter as it says "Get Started" on the block where you sign up in the manage your newsletters section.   That continuous loop is very aggravating and it comes up every time and every way I attempt to access the program.  

Just plain locked out.

Pleased to read that there were some cards for points available, but it would have to be when I can't get on the site.   

A big improvement that could be made and perhaps made easily, would be to have a comprehensive list of activities for points as the old program did.  On the days I spent the two and a half hours to get the max points, the biggest cause of the time spent was continunous clicking through completed activities to find one I hadn't done.  Then when completed, one has to click on redeem and start clicking all over again.   

Way too inefficient.....but I'd take that now, lol.   

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Well,  I just got a reply from the first complaint I submitted.   It just gave the suggestion Marylin  gave in the very beginning....clear cookies and cache.   Of course I'd done this a week ago.  

Very frustrating.  I should be cooking and cleaning and forget about it.  But I can't.

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Hello @HokiePoq 

I wish you could get in and take advantage of some the rewards the program has to offer.  Go ahead and do your cooking and cleaning and check back periodically or after Christmas.  Don't let this issue ruin Christmas.


Happy Christmas Eve,


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@HokiePoq- would it be possible for you to send us a screenshot of the error messages you are receiving? That will help us better troubleshoot  the issue.



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@AARPLaurenA  I don't get an error message.  What I get is the introductory sign up for the program page.   I can email the link to that or pm you.   How would you like that sent?  I've tried entering from various portals, various browsers, various computers....same page always when it recognizes my log in.    

I have tried doing what the page says....signing up again...but every time it just goes back to the same sign up page.   

I appreciate so much your attention.   


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