Ads block keyboard

I have an android phone.  When trying to use the keyboard for crossword puzzles, there are ads that cover part of the keyboard.  Sometimes just a sliver of the letter shows.  Very annoying.

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Thanks for reporting this @cmulinix. If possible, I'd suggest trying a larger mobile device or a computer for better screen resolution.

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@AARPBriana @cmulinix 

Briana excuse me but are you for real? That doesn't seem like a helpful nor nice answer  😞

I have a Note8 very large mobile phone and had this issue for several days months ago & wasn't told what you've said Wasn't issue with 'screen resolution' 

Cmulinix I'd try signing out then back in and clearing cache but as I recall it was systems issue cleared up in few days Hope same goes for you

Also @AARPTeri wrote helpful replies to members back then you may find that Forum in a search

Good luck

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