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Hello everyone 🤗. I'd like to know how many of you have taken the Survey Feedback from AARP. I get them regularly but to the point. This was my last response 

Seeing how your members are supposed to be senior citizens how about helping us out with some decent gift cards. $10 and up. The Sweepstakes and Instant Win Games seem to be won by the same people. I've noticed someone who's name was on the winners list twice for the same item. C'mon now it just seems like the same people are winning all the time. You allow non members to win these rewards and they don't have to pay for membership. It's just not fair.

I used to enjoy the Rewards program but not so much anymore. You know it was like being on a game show. Your knowledge was tested as well as increased. Once you had points that you were rewarded for increasing and understanding of issues in our lives. There are a lot of members that are disappointed in the rewards program. I myself won't be renewing my membership. My membership is up in April and I just won't be eligible for members only items. So what, there's not a lot of for us anyway. With the points I have left I'll use them up on Instant Win Games and Sweepstakes. I'm just saying

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You can renew using the link for the duffle bag in the catalog for $12.  It's an automatic renewal also.  But after you renew, go the your Account Manager, Profile and search for Cancel Auto Renewal.  Immediately, cancel the auto renewal.

Just in case something changes with the program, you'll still have your points.


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P.S. I have never seen any survey come my way from AARP. If I did, I would give them a great survey based on how they don't care about their members. 😉

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Hello everyone 🤗. I misspoke, they call them Feedback. They ask me the same questions such as would you recommend AARP Rewards to anyone else , from 1 10 how would you rate the rewards program and how can we make the Rewards Program better. I expressed that my feelings was that no one was probably reading my suggestions

I expressed to them that I believe that they have forgotten about one of their Main selling point about this organization and that is to help Senior Citizens and other members support and knowledge. I'm just saying

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I have contemplated on my membership renewal, on several ocassions, but was set-up for the 16.00 auto-renewal for a two year membership. This was something they offered in December of 2021, if I recall. So, I checked my account today, and saw it was up for auto-renewal on March 1st, but at 20.00, which is not what I signed-up for. Trying to con me, or what? Despite the fact that silver people and gold people are having no relaxation time here, given what stressful process they put us through, I feel if I don't watch my account it could spell trouble for me at the time of auto-renewal! Are you kidding me? No more auto-renewal from this gal! Grrrrrr.

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Definitely a wise choice on your part Kelly.  😇  Seriously, I believe the AARP membership program is being administered by the same unscrupulous individuals that show no consideration "at all" for the senior citizens in this program.  😧  😧 BTW have y"all noticed the new AARP membership campaign, 5 years for only $9.00. Talk about non-members in this program sucking up what few points only rewards available, look for a considerable increase in the future.  😭 😭  Just Saying  

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@rednexsrus wrote

BTW have y"all noticed the new AARP membership campaign, 5 years for only $9.00. 



That's $9.00 PER YEAR.  Just claifying

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