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AARP Rewards is a disapointment

After a couple of month on the "new and improved" rewards program I am bitterly disapointed in the lack of usable resturant gift cards as well as some travel related ones.


1. Low price points ie $23 for a $25 dollar card an 8% savings

2. Only allowed one card a month from a retailer

3. only 3 retailers can be purchased from in a month


I barely cover the cost of an evening meal with my wife with those rules, much less one nice meal each week.


My only reason for joining AARP was for the 50% point bonus for members in the R4G program.  If this new program does not improve significantly, I wont renew my membership when it expires.


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Yes, Improve the Program...Redemption of Points Only for Gift Cards!



Ditto.  Old program seemed better.  Anyone know how to sort rewards by points or value?  Thanks.

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@GlennC529142 Right now, there isn’t the ability to filter or search the Rewards catalog.

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hi, for questions regarding rewards points, please contact AARP Rewards Support by calling, toll free: 1-866-451-6305. Representatives are available from 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM ET. Thank you!

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I don't even log in anymore its a waste of my time the first time I've been here in a while, only because of this thread, don't think I will be renewing I've gotten ZIP for discounts.and the articles suck they must think we are stupid. 



I'm with you. Points are completely useless now, time is wasted on site. I've even "chatted" with agents who said "much" has changed. I mentioned using points before on car rentals and they were telling me to call companies for member discounts. Points weren't used anymore for that and MANY more rewards that were available before. Don't use valuable time accumulating useless points.

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Why ask members to call a number where nobody can assist you.  Spoke with (3) Customer Service Reps and (2) Supervisors to no avail.


Everyone in Customer Service needs to be trained to stop talking and listen.  AARP where are you getting these unprofessional, no nothing, can't understand anything folks from?


Let us rate the Customer Service we receive, like other major companies (i.e. AT&T) and pay them based on how they are rated by members.  I guess the building would be emptySmiley LOLI


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