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AARP Rewards is Back to Hiding Posts......Archive Section Has Disappeared!

Hello Community Warriors,


The Rewards program is back to hiding post that they don't want seen onlineSmiley Sad  The Archive section that appeared in every forum has disappeared from the Rewards site and all the forums. 

After Community Managers stated they were not hiding any members post.  Could someone from Management explain why the Archive section is gone.

I'm sure now that if your post isn't something that AARP likes, then it's hidden with no way to retrieveSmiley Surprised.


Am I the only member who isn't seeing the Archive section anymore?  Please someone let me know and thanks.


We have also been stopped/blocked from sending Private Messages to each other,  is this happening to everyone?


Thanks for letting me know in advance.


Have a Blessed Day,


Community Manager
Community Manager

@mi4090   These two items are not related.  You should have the private messaging back on now.  I will look into the Archiving but I know we have been having some technical issues there.  The old rewards for good folders are archived so if you are referring to a post in those folders this was an intentional archive since the program is no longer here.  Hopefully this addresses your concerns?

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When I first posted about not being able to find a post that I'd created in the New AARP Rewards program concerning the Google Mini you sent me a link that didn't work to find the post.  I was having to creat the post over again, this is when you stated that if post hasn't had any recent replies it is archived.  Next, you proceeded to add the Archive category to all the forums.


We currently have post appearing in the General forum that haven't had replies in months but they aren't archived.  This is hiding something Rewards doesn't like, and getting rid of the post so the public can't view it. 


Isn't the Community here for members to voice their opinions and chat with other members who may be experiencing the same problems, and ask Management questions about website issues?


To answer the question, No it wasn't a post from R4G.


Have a Blessed Day


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The Archive link is missing from the list on the AARP Rewards page: 

It was at the bottom of the list and the Archive was not the Rewards for Good Archive it was the Archive of the New AARP Rewards Topics that were not copied forward to the new 4 forum format.  The Archive is missing as shown:


001 Missing Link to Archive.JPG
^^^^^^^^^^Where is the Archive???^^^^^^^^^^^^



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