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AARP Rewards - Beta

Thank you all for your patience as we work through fixes in our Beta version of AARP Rewards.  We provided links in the community to the Beta program knowing you were anxious to participate.  Beta really is about testing and getting out the kinks before we truly go public.  We appreciate your help providing feedback, but hope you also understand that we will be fixing bugs and issues along the way.  We apologize if this was not clear when began posting in the community to jump in and test.


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@chas0501 wrote:

So WE are the crash test dummies??  Well at least we've provided plenty of feedback about what's wrong!  Still waiting for anything I would want to spend my points on...

Now to wonder if our feedback is making a difference. It would be nice for them to have ONE spot to keep us ABREAST of what is going on, what we have contributed and so on. I am new to all of this and in awe at all the complaints and zero feedback. Bottom line, AARP is losing members on a DAILY basis and it is time for them to step up and PROVE to us that we MATTER. Lol, love your comment about being crash test dummies. Sounds like they need to start PAYING us to use their site. Hugs, Angela

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Chas, absolutely correctSmiley Sad Crash test dummies is what we are, and it  is a shame to pay to be treated this way.


Have a Blessed Day,


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I also worked in IT and I agree.  I would have lost my job if I released something with this many problems.  Beta testing is usually done with a limited number of participants.  I also think a lot of the complaints revolve around the rewards which don't seem to be as "generous" as the old program.  I don't know how the old rewards were paid for and if that has something to do with the setup of the new rewards.  An explanation from AARP might help.

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It seems like the members are actually doing the testing.....was ANY testing conducted prior to release? I was in IT and if we had released anything as horrendous as this, we would have fired. This is quite disappointing to say the least.
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How long do you expect this to stay in BETA before it is complete? This has probably been one of the worst BETA experiences ever. And...we actually pay to be members of AARP for the reward program only. Whoever developed this new rewards is in the wrong position.


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I agree.  The issue is, IT WASN'T BROKE--so why are they trying to fix it?  Nothing but  bugs now. 

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