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I am loving the new AARP Rewards!!


Hubby and I are both members (newbies @ 10 months) and now also our daughter. Between the three of us, we have won on the early Daily Wins, redeemed Gift Cards, redeemed Merchandise, made an E-Card Purchase, and scored on Local Deals. Our combined savings to date is $188.


And it's just THE FIRST 3 WEEKS!!! And aside from the discounted E-card. It was all FREE!!!


As with any new BETA program, bugs are inevitable. I am sure with some patience, those bugs will be worked out and we will see more awesome offerings. 


I am especially enjoying the new workout and yoga videos. My goal is to focus on my health and AARP has given me that boost to accomplish my goal. I am taking control of my health today because ... Yep!  Because I am worth it. 🙂 


Thank you AARP!!!  Can't wait to see what happens next.




I too won a $5 Amazon card. Now they're having problems. My thing is the prizes. They have more prizes that you have to pay for. I can't afford to pay for these prizes. I'm very discouraged with this new Rewards game. 

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Hey, if you think THIS is good, the old Rewards for Good were 10x better!

Somehow your comment seems phony and made up by aarp, to counteract all the negative comments on the new "rewards". No merchandise "reward" interests me at all.

Forgive me if I am wrong. SuzyQ

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I'm sorry to hear things are not working out as well for you. I can only speak to my own experience. Hopefully your luck will change soon!! Smiley Happy

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Hello @TheSuzyQ 

The R4G program had it's problems, but was a lot better.  You have to be a member for more than 10 months and struggled like members who've been here are years.  

It's terrible compared to the previous program, but Congrats to the family on your wins.

Did someone in your family win the "Google Mini"?  I'd really like to hear at least (1) person in the Community say they won it.  Let me know.


Have a Blessed Day,


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Hi @mi4090,


Thank you. I won the $15 Uber Gift Card on the Daily Win and my husband also won on the $15 Uber Gift Card. Our daughter didn't win on any Daily Wins before they took it down. She was kind of late to the party though. I hope they bring it back! I just looked and there was a Winners list posted for the Google Mini. We were able to redeem for the Uber Gift Cards and the Itunes Card before they vanished. Haven't seen any more of those posted yet. Hopefully there will be more.


I just saw your post about the $5 Amazon Card. Very interesting! I checked on the winners list for the Uber and both my name and hubby's were listed. We received our E-Cards quickly. Did you not receive your $5 E-Card?


Hopeful they will get these kinks worked out quickly. I am trying to rack up points just in case haha. Smiley Happy


Good luck to you!



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Hello @TheSuzyQ 


I'm doing my bit on getting points also, just in case.  Some of the quizzes awarded a lot more points in the previous program.  This keeps you on the site longer with the See More button.  @andrewtoo Andrew named it right, "The Enemy"Smiley Sad.  Something really needs to be done about it.

I immediately added the $5 Amazon win to my account, it was digital.  The program shouldn't have been launched until next year, so they could prepare for every issue, it's not like R4G which was the first of it's kind for AARP.  They've had (5) years of experience, and knew what to expect, and correct before launch.


Have a Blessed Day,


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Good for You! @TheSuzyQ 


I really can't wait to get a chance at an instant win.  I'm sure you could "save" $188 on three accounts.  I'm just not tempted by any of the cheap crap that I am seeing on the redeem tab and I'm not giving them any money, at least not yet.


Weren't the videos available before AARP Rewards?  I just had no interest in them.


But, I too "Can't wait to see what happens next."


I'm so excited! 🙃

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