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AARP Online Community Refresh 2020

Just want to be sure that everyone sees our post about new layouts in the Online Community:

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Hello Terri,


Which post did you move to About Our Community Forum?  It's lost now, because no post in order.


What  was the post name?




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For anyone that checks for new posts, since the last visit, it is now a waste of time, since you have to scroll through all the posts to find the new ones now.  Before the change I had it set up that the newest post would be #1 all the time.  Made it much easier.  I give up!

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Russell, if I could give you more than 1 kudo, uhh  thumbs-up I would

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Teri, why doesn’t support test out these new features before they put them out for us to agonize over. This new layout is typical garbage. Read More, Read Less is so frustrating, keeps suddenly changing with no input from user, text on top of text, the post’s/reply’s have absolutely no order to them, definitely not in date order. Multiple feedback badges all over the place, obscuring the text you are trying to read. This is why the rewards program is still in BETA and will be from now on. So Sad

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Hello @rednexsrus 

Lucy, I posted about how difficult it is to navigate the replies page now in the Redemption forum.


This is a mess, and it's obvious Rewards didn't get the shiny new IT department for the (1) year birthday😢


Have a Blessed Day


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Marylin, this new layout proves without a doubt that no one at AARP Rewards cares a hoot about us and our opinions. Management is deliberately trying to make the program fail. Can you believe there are exactly ZERO, 0 0 0 0 points only e-cards in the catalog this morning 10/17/20 while there are 125 purchase cards offered. Sadly, none of our Community Managers, Concierge's or Moderator's are offering any support in this matter. So Sad

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With this new format chances are, no one will see this post

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