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AARP Hartford Ins slightly discriminatory


AARP Hartford Ins slightly discriminatory

So we as seniors - like the rest - try to live within our means. That often means living with what we have and not buying a new shiny home with bells and whistles - nor does it mean upgrading everything.

We tried TWO separate times to take advantage of the AARP HARTFORDHome Insurance. The first time was 2017 and the last time was 2019. We tried the second time in hopes policies had changed. Btw, our credit scores are great too.

Basically, AARP HARTFORD's Issue was that we do not have a WHOLE HOUSE ducted heating system. So therefore, we are DISallowed the home insurance. We do have a gas fireplace (new in 2018) that heats the entire house that was permitted officially by our county. We also have a ductless heating system that covers another area of our home (new in 2017). And we have supplemental wired-in wall heaters (new in 2018). NONE of which HARTFORD would accept as viable. They said we had to have a complete duct heating system throughout our entire home to get their stupid insurance.

Most of AARP's discounts are hooey. It has allowed the Delta Dental product (saving $20 mo) - but that is it. Most of the "REWARDS" have too many hitches like HARTFORD. And we find this highly discriminatory toward seniors who do not have the resources to buy a new home at retirement age or buy a complete whole-house ducted heating system at the outrageous cost compared to how we had to do it.

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