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 Question  Are all games available on mobile phones and tablets?    Answer Some games you play on your computer are not available on your mobile device. AARP currently offers many games that are built using Flash-based technology. Mobile devices have stopped supporting programs that use this technology, so those games are not accessible on your mobile phone and/or tablet. To play all available mobile games, please visit All Games from your mobile phone or tablet. And, by the way, you can play AARP's complete collection of games on your desktop or laptop computer. 
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Question I would like to listen to something else on my PC while I play the games, so muting the PC sound isn't an option. Can the sound in the online games be controlled?  Answer The sound can be controlled on all the games I’ve played without adjusting your computer speakers. It’s a simple click on the speaker icon to mute the sound. The speaker icon is either located on the home screen before you start the game or under the menu tab for that game. It’s easy to mute the sound before you begin playing a game.  
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