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Re: "Mahjongg Age of Alchemy" game - "Deal New Tileset" button too close to tile

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Thanks for participating in the AARP Online Community, @vf3245. It sounds like there's a glitch here that needs to be fixed. To help with troubleshooting, could you please tell us about the device you're using, operating system, browser, and browser version so we can replicate the issue and investigate a solution?

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"Mahjongg Age of Alchemy" game - "Deal New Tileset" button too close to tiles

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In the game, "Mahjongg Age of Alchemy", the button for "Deal New Tileset"
is too close to the tiles. In fact, it overlaps with one in the first layout.
I am usually able to avoid the mistake of clicking on the part of the tile
that overlaps with the "Deal New Tileset" button, but this is harder when
I'm especially excited.

This evening, I was doing very well and thought I might be on the way to
setting my personal best, but I was so excited that I accidentally clicked
on the "Deal New Tileset" button when I was trying to click on the top
rightmost tile.  Alas.  This was a big disappointment.

It has not always been this way.  When I first started playing the
game some months ago, there was no overlap of the tiles and the
"Deal New Tileset" button.


Does anyone else have this same problem?

If possible, it would be wonderful to change this back again.

Thank you.

- Ronnie


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