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 jigsaw puzzles   Sadly AARP

has taken the leisure and pleasure out of their jigsaw games by timing every puzzzle, not to mention  today I noticed they stick a commercial for a company called Kindred in between every puzzle.  Kindred must be paying AARP a lot of money for showing  that boring commmercial every time the players end one timed puzzle and want to start a new one..




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I agree!  Take the timer off the jigsaw puzzles.  We are doing them for fun, not to compete!  I hate it when I can't finish the one I am working on because of the dang timer.

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I totally agree with you.  I'm brain injured and working the games and puzzles is .... WAS... really helpful for me as an exercise.  But I'm not as fast as I was before the brain injury so it has taken most of the joy out of playing some of the games, as I know I won't be able to be fast enough... I can handle the content just fine, but alas, whomever is now in charge must not know what aging is about.... and what AARP used to be about.  My parents were AARP, and soon one of my daughters will be the age to also join.  The benefits are good... but these 'extras' that I so looked forward to may not end up being a part of the value I always looked forward to..... J.M.H.O.