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commercials every time you start a game!

Here we go again.  AARP games had this problem about 1 to 2 months ago.  Every time you begin another game you get a commericial, and it is even worse in that the commericial is the same, over and over and over again.  Come on AARP, can you get this straight.  It's very distracting and annoying to have to watch a commercial each and every game.  I know commercials are a necessity, but this is overkill!

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I don't see any ads what so ever. I have AdBlock, and use Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge too, and never see ads when I come on AARP. AdBlock works great..


I had forgotten how well it worked when something happened to my computer and I had to roll back to another restore point, before I had installed AdBlock, and was confused for a few minutes thinking I got a virus because of all the ads, I had forgotten about AdBlock until it finally dawned on my that I didn't have AdBlock on. 


Once I realised that, I immediately installed it again, and thankfully, no ads!

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I agree, there are commercial ads on the side of the page, so why do we have to watch the repeated ad? There's no way to skip it, even though when I complained I was told to click the skip button. Hello, it was removed. Also, not all AARP members are in need of the services that they are advertising. Come on AARP!!!

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Get and install AdBlock, honestly, it's the best thing ever. I've had it now for a few years, but I remember when something happened to my computer and I had to format my hard drive, so it was wiped off, and after it booted back up, I used it the way I've always have, but I noticed so many ads.

I had forgotten about AdBlock, as it works quietly in the background, but had gotten so used to not seeing all those ads, that I thought my computer got a virus or some kind of spam program was sneakily instaled.

I had the ah ha moment, after looking at my address bar and not seeing the once familiar stop sign shape icon for AdBlock, yes, I quifckly installed it back on my computer. I got a new appreciationfor just how well AB  worked.


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I understand your frustration. I hate those ads. Then I downloaded ad blocker plus. It is an open source free download. It is the best! It will block all those pesky ads. I have suggested this on several posts here with the same complaints. Others have downloaded it and they are so happy. Check it out. I get nothing out of this information except the satisfaction that someone else won't have to put up with the ads.


You're welcome...

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Agree. Just started getting the ads you have to wait through before you can hit Skip.  I play other games on another sites where I can get gift cards for points  and would have to go turn off the Ad Blocker every time I wanted to play - pain.  So I haven't installed an ad blocker.  AARP just needs to stop with the ads.  .  

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 I followed the advice below and installed the adblock extension to Chrome -- and it worked perfectly. Very quick easy install, just search for "adblock plus" and it shows up first. THANKS! Cat Very Happy

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too many ADS! Loosing interest in your games!!!! I pay for this membership - I didn't pay to be bombarded with all the commercials!!!!

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I suspect some of the providers, like Arkadium (Mahjong Dimensions, Mahjong Toy Chest and more) have them built in -- there is no site you can go to with these popular games that don't have them. I'm not an IT type, but it's probably just fed in straight from the provider as-is.

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When I complained to Arkadium they said that they had no control over the ads and I should go to  AARP to find out how to get rid of them. I agree with other members, I didn't join to be bombarded by ads. 

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