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Why does anyone want to cheat? I play for my pleasure & to see if I can top my last score.

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I saw those scores too Marg. Losers. They download cheat hacks which makes any timed game run 5X slower. The timer slows down 5X but the gameplay is normal so a 1 minute gets slowed to 5 minutes and the cheaters wind up getting insane time bonuses at the end of the game. Pretty lame huh?

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I reported a player, who ALWAYS occupies the #1 spot on the leaderboard for Mahjongg Toy Chest.  Here's the reply I got from Arkadium Support when I asked them to check if she downloaded a cheat hack to slow down the game timer in order to receive big time bonuses:


"Unfortunately, that is not possible to check such things from our side, because it will be against privacy police. So we can only rely on that player's logs, which are clear and displaying deserved results."


So, basically these players can continue to dominate the top spot ad nauseum.  So unfair to the rest of us.

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I thought it must be something like that.  It's very disheartening to see - and this should be shut down.

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Something really needs to be done about this - if only to protect the integrity of these games.  These high scores are humanly impossible, and they should be discredited.

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I totally agree.  Perhaps they shouldn't show the high scores of the day etc. ?  It frustrates us older

folks that fingers and eyes ain't what they used to be. "The ole gray mare, she ain't what she use

to be, she ain't what she used to be.....".   I forget the rest.  Dang !  Anyone remember that song?

Maybe we should have a song fest here, 'cause otherwise it's useless to complain, so let's have

fun and sing !


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Can't AARP do anything about that?  Like lockout people who do that?   Or at least prevent those super-extra-high-impossible scores frm showing up?



Contact Arkadium.  That's who runs the games.  I sent them a message about a cheater, and they removed it right away.  Just make sure to add that it is from the AARP site.