the been able to achieve is  highest i have been able to achieve is 176. how do you get the high scores?

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The computers main fault is that it will knock off your 'stones' every time it can. I try to double up 3 spaces where you bear off, then intentionally let it knock me off, so I can come back and knock it off, meanwhile trying to fill in or get pieces in position to fill in. It takes time, patience, and luck. If you can get 7-8 pieces of more on the bar and fill in your 'home' so it can't get off, that's how you get a higher score. Playing against it as you would a human, doesn't work if you want high scores. 

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I agree but it's sure not a regular backgammon game...the computer is just a bad player, lol

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My high score has been 216 but it's usually under 160.

I assume we are playing a computer because it plays the same game all the time and frankly doesn't know any of the classic opening moves.  

I wish we could play real people and have a chat feature.  I get bored with the dumbest computer game I have ever played.   In maybe 100 games I have played......I have only lost 3 times.

I also start to think the computer is cheating since the opponent is getting doubles while I don't and when I am rolling off...I often roll a 1......7 times in a row.   

Do computers have feelings....okay, that is a joke *maybe*....but why can't the computer learn the game?  

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Either the software developer has rigged the scores (because the computer NEVER makes a wrong move!) or they are just plain cheating, as usual!


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The computer makes wrong moves all the time.

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And I disagree since the computer makes nothing but bad moves.  Maybe you are new to the game...and I don't mean this as an insult but this is not a smart computer that knows anything about how to play.  


I wish it would learn but I guess it was thrown together by someone who doesn't know the game and did not program it to learn. 


You really think it's can't be wrong? I think it's wrong almost always.  The object isn't to just hit the blots but to be a few moves ahead.  The reason I win so often is due to the mistakes of the computer...not because I have good dice and shouldn't have lost.  I should have the computer does not know this me.     


Good luck and learn the game elsewhere since if you played a human like this computer does you would get creamed by even a marginally knowledgable player.  

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